1. Choose a Child to Sponsor

Our team selects the children with the greatest needs first. Many of these children suffer from malnutrition, are double orphans, and have very little care at home. The child you sponsor is given a Christian education, nutritious meals, and an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a regular basis.

2. Decide on Your Method of Payment

A child can be fully sponsored for $72/month, or we also provide a shared sponsorship option for $36/month. Whether you provide a shared or full sponsorship, your payment can be made using a mailed check, automatic bank account withdrawal, or using a credit card online.

3. Pray Regularly for Your Child

In addition to your monetary support, we ask you to pray regularly for your child’s education, family life, health, and salvation through Jesus Christ. Periodically, we will send you updates on your child to help aide in your continued prayers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my money go to support?

Your money goes to support the work of BCA in Africa, including administrative, faculty and teacher salaries as well as basic infrastructure needs. Your support also goes to provide the child with the necessary curriculum, school supplies, uniform, and a nutritious meal each day of school.

Can I write to my child?

Yes! We encourage each sponsor to write to your child. For more information on how to write your child, please click here.

Can I send my child a personal gift?

Because of the number of children in our schools, we try not to single out any one child with a single gift from a sponsor. Because of this, we do not allow you to send a personal gift to your child. We do work to give each child a gift during the Christmas season. A suggested gift of $25 per child will help insure that every child gets a gift and Christmas party.

Can I visit my child?

BCA partners with churches and individuals to take short-term mission trips throughout the year to help support the work of our schools. During these trips, sponsors have opportunities to meet the children they sponsor. To ensure the safety of our schools, an approval process is used for each person seeking to go on a trip.

How often will I receive updates on my child?

Our goal is to update you on your child two times a year. These updates will include an updated picture and information about your child.

What is the difference between a shared ($36/month) and full ($72/month) sponsorship?

In order to meet the needs of each student at BCA, we work to have each child fully sponsored at $72/month. Whether you pay for 1 or 2 shares of your child’s sponsorship, that child enters and stays within our school, receiving all the blessings of our ministry. This also means that each child at BCA has either one sponsor at $72/month or two sponsors at $36/month.

For other questions, please contact us.