We believe the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20) was given to the Church.

Therefore, we seek to serve and empower local churches that share our vision for Christian education, church planting, and missions mobilization.

The process of a church partnering with BCA includes the following:

Step 1: Learn about BCA

Step one involves a member of our team sharing about the ministry of BCA with your church. Many churches give us an opportunity to share about BCA during a church service, whether in a testimony or full sermon format. During these times, we also present how individuals can sponsor a child at BCA. Contact us to schedule a time for us to come to your church.

Step 2: Partner with BCA

We partner with theologically aligned churches in order to support the work of BCA in a number of ways:


Because our mission success is totally in the hands of God, we need our Father’s blessing in this work through local churches making supplication on our behalf. We commit to keeping the local church in the loop on prayer needs for BCA.

Christian Education through Child Sponsorships

One of the primary ways BCA is supported is through our child sponsorship program. When a individual or church sponsors a child, that child receives a Christian education, nutritious meals, and an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of the Church to not only proclaim the gospel but to “remember the poor” as we proclaim. These sponsorships help individuals and churches fulfill the responsibility of nurturing the vulnerable. To get these sponsors and update them, we would love to be able to have the pulpit once per year to update and encourage sponsors.


Church Planting

Because our schools, at their core, are a church planting strategy, we don’t want to merely feed and educate like “the world.” Our end goal is the same as the church! It’s making disciples, and seeing those disciples follow Jesus in healthy churches. Our church partners support the work of church planting through pastoral training for indigenous pastors, community evangelism projects, financial support for new church plants and pastors, and more.

Missions Mobilization

Christ commands us to go to the “remotest parts” of the earth. Church partners send their members on short-term trips in order to support the work of BCA in a number of ways. Come and see what we are doing in our schools. Come and see two churches that have been planted, alongside of the schools, filled with children who did not know His name, singing to Him on a Sunday morning. Come and see people being baptized because of the proclamation of the gospel in a place that was once only filled with darkness. Come and meet the child that you sponsor. John Piper once said there are three types of people in the church, “zealous goers, zealous senders and the disobedient.”

Financial Support

Asking your church to partner with us is not primarily about money. Money is secondary to the support you provide in prayer, child sponsorships, church planting, and missions mobilization. However, financial support is a necessary part of fulfilling our work at BCA. Church partners may choose to set aside part of their annual budget to support BCA or raise funds for special projects.

How long is the commitment?

We typically ask church partners to commit to a minimum of three years. If after the three years your church would like to re-commit, you will have the option at that time. If your church or BCA needs to break the commitment because of spiritual or theological issues, either party can do so at any time.


Interested in Church Partnerships?


In August 2018, I had the privilege of being a part of the BCA Pastors’ Conference hosted at the southern campus in George…. I can honestly confess, my experience far surpassed any expectation I had in terms of seeing the working of God in and through the ministries of BCA.

Daniel Carr
Senior Pastor, Canaan Baptist Church
St. Louis, MO

BCA is an inspiration to all that we are attempting to do at Ridgecrest. They are impacting the people groups of the world with their 3 part biblical strategy of using Christian Education, reaching families with the gospel and training Christian leaders of communities! This is so biblical as well as fruitful and effective for others to consider in their global outreach efforts. We thank God for solid partners like BCA and encourage you to pray and consider partnering with them to take the gospel to the Nations.

Randy Copeland
Missions Mobilization Pastor, Ridgecrest Baptist Church
Founder/Director, School to the Nations

About 2 years ago, our church decided to get involved with Bethlehem Christian Academy in Zambia. I had the privilege of helping to lead a pastors’ conference at the George Compound and it was so encouraging to see men who felt called to preach the Word and to begin congregations wherever they were, but they were looking for any help that they could get. Four of us pastors went and led studies for a week on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the men were so attentive and thankful for all of the helps that we could give them. They even asked for more. We took several ladies who helped with VBS for the boys and girls and all of this was life changing. Are you looking for a place where you can impact people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? I would challenge you to pray about partnering with BCA or getting your congregation to even sponsor some of the boys and girls. The fields are white unto harvest in Zambia!

George McDowell
Pastor, Gashland Baptist Church
Kansas City, MO