Each child at BCA is ensured an opportunity to hear the Gospel, receive a Christian education, eat a healthy meal once a day, and become a part of a healthy church:


Gospel Focused

First and foremost, we are committed to sharing the hope found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ with every child at one of our schools. We believe it is through the preaching of the Gospel that God transforms the lives of individuals and communities, including orphans and the poor.


Educationally Focused

Since BCA’s inception in 2011 it has been committed to an education that is distinctly Christian. God is the author of truth and foundation for every bit of knowledge passed from teacher to student. Some students will have the opportunity to go on to college after graduating from BCA, but some students will opt for vocational training, including computers, hospitality, and agriculture. We are committed to implementing a rigorous Christian schooling program so that children will be equipped for their future vocations and a life in submission to the gospel (Deut. 6:4-9).


Food Focused

"Bethlehem" means "house of bread." The first type of bread that we give to students is for their souls (Jn. 6:35). The second type of bread is for their body's (Mk. 14:13-21). The students of BCA grow up in very poor villages. Many students come with distended abdomen's, hair that breaks and dry skin. After enrolling at BCA and receiving healthy meals that include meat and vegetables we see many of these symptoms disappear. 


Church Planting Focused

Because our schools, at their core, are a church planting strategy, we don’t want to merely feed and educate like “the world.” Our end goal is the same as the church! It’s making disciples, and seeing those disciples follow Jesus in healthy churches. At each one of our schools, we have partnered with church planters to plant a church at each location.