BCA always has large ongoing projects that need funded. Here you can find information about specific needs, and how you can support them. 


Secondary School Classrooms

Recently, BCA purchased 10 acres of land that will house the secondary school (8th-12th Grade). One of our biggest and most pressing needs will be to build out classrooms on this new property. The cost of this project is estimated at $40,000. 

Administration Block

At this current time, the BCA administration and staff only have 1 small office to operate from. 


Laboratory Block


BCA hopes to be able to offer a fully equipped Science Laboratory in the near future. This lab will allow for the ability to study Physics and Chemistry, Computers, Biology and Agricultural Science, as well as Home Economics. The cost of this project is estimated at $45,000. 



BCA is growing in it's studies of Agriculture. We hope to be able to soon offer the farming of corn, leaf vegetable gardening, horticultural farming, as well as some exotic crops like rose flowers, etc.  The cost of this project is estimated at $4000.